Wind & Storm Mitigation 

FBEIN Florida Wind Mitigation Inspections allow Florida Homeowners and Business  Owners Peace of Mind. Gain knowledge for your Home, Business or Properties Condition. How it will withstand in a Storm, Winds, a Hurricane or Natural Disaster. Florida is a very Hard Hit Hurricane State. Have Peace of Mind.

Wind and Storm Inspections

Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors Network consists of 32 Florida Licensed Engineers, Architects, Land Surveyors and Inspectors providing the Best Service, the Lowest Prices and the Fastest Turnaround Time for Mitigation Inspections in Florida.

Over One Million Reports have been accepted from our Engineering Firm in Florida by the United States Federal Government, the State Florida, Commercial Business, Corporations, Florida Industry and the Private Sectors and Hopefully for you.

Wind Mitigation Inspections in Florida allow for Florida Homeowners and Commericial Structures to have peace of mind gaining knowledge of the condition of their Home or Business and how the Home or Business will withstand a Natural Disaster with the focus on Florida Hurricanes. Florida is a very “HARD HIT” Hurricane State. Hurricanes in Florida have caused horrific damage

Florida Homeowners Insurance is a vital necessity in Florida and a Wind Mitigation Inspection may save you $1,000’s of Dollars on Insurance. Our “Targeted Engineering” Florida Wind Mitigation Inspections Cover All Aspects of Home Safety and Hurricane Readiness by Geographical Location in Florida. FBEIN provide service to all 67 Florida Counties  Cities, Towns and Communities to include all Florida Coastal Areas. 

Our Engineering Firm provides “Targeted Engineering” Wind Mitigation Inspections with our “Reports Accepted” by the Real Estate and Insurance Industries to also include; Banks, Mortgage Companies, Attorneys, Title and Deed Corporations, Lenders as well as the Florida Judicial System though our the State of Florida.

Hurricanes create “WIND” that can cause damage to a Florida Homes Roof, Walls, Foundation of the Home by Shearing Forces that also place tremendous pressure on Doors, Garage Door and Windows. Even a Small Hole in a Roof, can become Large Enough to Destroy a Home or a Business during a Hurricane. It’s that simple and easy to understand if you have been in a Hurricane.

Peoples lives are in the balance in some cases and due to deficiencies in the Homes or Business Structure and/or the Devastating Hurricane Environment with many lives lost. 

From Flooding during a Hurricane that may cause Water Damage to the Foundation of the Home or Business, causing the “Home or Business to Collapse”. To loose “Roofing Tiles” that become “Missile Like Projectiles” during the immense Winds a Hurricane produces.

A Florida Wind Mitigation Home or Business Inspection is a vital part of protecting your most important investment being your Families Safety, your Home or Business and your Property.

Our Engineering Firms Reports are NON-BIOS and “All Licensed Engineers” in the State of Florida are ruled by Florida Guidelines regarding Ethical Conduct. Our Mission is to provide the Florida Homeowner with a “Targeted Engineering” Inspection so that the “Engineering Report Provided” may be a value to the Homeowner or Business Saving Money on Insurance and in some cases Save Lives. 

If you need Help or Assistance call Toll Free and speak directly at NO CHARGE to one of our Licensed Florida Engineers. FBEIN provides Wind Mitigation Inspection in all 67 Counties in Florida. Contact FBEIN Right Now.

Have Peace of Mind... a Florida Wind Mitigation Home or Business Inspection is a vital part of protecting your most important investment being your Families Safety, your Home or Business and your Property.

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